Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture - Washington Township, Michigan

Some of the Hand Crafted Pieces We Offer...

Vintage Woodworkz


  • Beam Mantels
  • Ceiling Coffers & Beams
  • Beam Door Headers
  • Beam Door Surrounds
  • Porch Beams
Custom Hand Crafted Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture & Architectural Pieces
Vintage Woodworkz handcrafts custom furniture and architectural pieces from reclaimed wood that is salvaged from American Midwestern barns that are no longer in use. The Midwest region's rich agricultural history is preserved, while providing an upcycled, earth friendly alternative to common woodworking practices. Rustic barnwood and antique lumber proudly display the vintage patina and unforgettable agricultural history of more than a century. The unique characteristics of mortises, tenons, hand hewn axe marks, nail holes and cracks give the wood a beauty in its own right, and tell the story of the land the trees were harvested from, the craftsmen that built the barn and the purpose the barn served to the individual farmer. Working with reclaimed barnwood combines creativity with agricultural history, as no two pieces are alike and every piece has an individual story to tell.


  • Harvest Tables
  • Conference Tables
  • Console Tables
  • Benches
  • Bistro Tables

   Specialty Pieces

  • Round Top Doors
  • Barn Wedding Table Center Pieces
  • Picture Frames
  • Shelves
  • Business Card Holders​